Through the Trees - Original Snippet


Is she calling out for her lover to join her, or is it a siren luring her prey?

Though I had to take time to recover from the plague, therefore I haven't been able to record vocals yet, I feel…

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May it Be - Short

The music of The Lord of the Rings will always be held so close to my heart. I know each song so well after listening to my CDs for hundreds of hours in my youth. So magical, and hits all…

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Scarborough Fair - Short

Scarborough Fair is a song I'll always come back to, it's like a warm hug while you're asking if a love interest could support your whimsical desires. You know, just magical girl things.   I'm currently working on a new song… Read more

Lullaby of Woe - short


This song has truly become part of my spoopy season tradition, you can oft find me singing it whilst I sit on the porch during sunset while the kitties roll in the dying sun, or while I'm walking in the…

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Once We Were - Duet


This is such a lovely lullaby that's tinged with sadness. It's from the Dragon Age Inquisition game, and I loved making this with Brume. It's so wonderful to make music with others, what a joy! I hope you like it…

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Weeping Dawn - video


So happy to be completely filled with music, and such good music from Baldur's Gate 3. I'm on my second restart of the game, and I'm committed to this playthrough, lol. Astarion is still my vampire-boy dandy love interest, because…

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Weeping Dawn

Truly been on a roll this last few months. Baldur's Gate 3 is certainly an endless pit of inspiration, and it's always a good way to hone your skills by making covers. I never end up changing how a cover…

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I Will Fly


Yes, another Witcher song was written. In fact, I Will Fly, Bound by Destiny, and Running To were all written at the same time a few summers ago. This song is about Yen and her journey to figuring out exactly…

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Bound by Destiny

Something that has been in the works for a long time! Hoping to get this song out soon. In the meantime, this is based on Geralt tying himself to Ciri by fate, in probably one of the more foolish way…

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Dream a Little Dream of Me

  Jazz in the summer... could it be any more perfect? I've made it down to the beach once so far, but the water was still cool, only 16 degrees C. But I knew I should have brought my bathing suit,… Read more

Life, Still a Lot, But Starting to Feel Better

So much of dealing with depression/anxiety periods in my life has been eventually getting to a point where I just realize that I need to do what I can, no matter how heavy and apathetic/overwhelmed by doing the thing I…

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