Jazzy Summer Concert... Coming Soon! 

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Ok... I thought I wasn't going to do it... but hot damn, I need me some jazzy vibes for the summer! 

I'm currently working on the backing tracks to between 10-15 (I can't remember how many, lol) jazzy songs that I just can't help wanting to listen to and sing in the summertime! 

I don't have a set date yet for when the concert will be, it will depend on how quickly I can pump out the backing tracks, but hopefully in July at the latest! 

Because the DMCA stuff on Twitch is ridiculous (well, everywhere else too), it won't be recorded for later viewing, so it will be a one time deal! Though I'm thinking perhaps I'll do a couple shows of it in July? That might be a good idea too, and at different times. But we'll cross that bridge when the songs are finalized! 

Exciting News! 

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My lute, my love, finally came in this week! I can't believe I forgot to mention it, but I've been in the throes of practice lol. My callouses are even coming in already, and the lute only came in on Monday! 

I've begun writing out some easy baselines to follow and sing at the same time of some songs I'd like to perform on the stream, so that's excellent too! I might even have one song ready for this coming week's streams! That song is Suil A Ruin ❤ 

I'm so excited to be able to start accompanying myself so that I don't need to be reliant on backing tracks, and making sure my mic is in sync with the computer audio. I mean... that's a good thing for streams, and I've basically got that figured out, but I'd love to just bring my lute anywhere and sing 😍

Wow, What a Year So Far! 

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Ciri is tired already lol. 

My head is spinning, there have been so many changes, and things that have changed back, so many ideas floating through, worries, and stalling. 

I know pivoting to streaming is going to take a bit to find the rhythm of, especially in terms of getting things set up properly, and being able to just go on without much worry. I think we've finally got the audio figured out, so that's fantastic, as what would a music stream be worth without good audio? 

Now there is sorting out how I'd like to do the concert streams, aesthetics, and the probably quarterly curated concerts. So just imagine a typical classical music/early music concert. I'll very likely be focused in on the particular season it falls in, and decide on a program from there. This would give me time to create the backing music I'd need as well as learn some challenging pieces like one would do in the real world.

I'm pretty excited about this idea, and will be happy once I can begin working on that. Obviously right now is more about building my backing track library so that my streams can be varied. Not only that, but I'll also be able to create tracks to release as well! Letting the concert streams be practice that I can rewatch and see what needs adjusting for a final recording.

I reiterate that I had no idea I wanted to do this streaming thing, and that it's still taking me by surprise, but it's just so cool that I can be a musician in exactly the way I want to present myself with what the internet can allow. It's pretty amazing!


And as an end note, because I can't stop flip-flopping, Patreon will be my sole subscription platform, other than Twitch subs, for the foreseeable future. After hemming and hawing over the details, there are some ease of use things that Patreon provides that makes paying extra a little less of a crappy thing. However, I still believe the amount they make a month from any creator should be capped. Alas... we live in a capitalistic society, so that's not going to happen easily.


Anywho! I'm going to be working behind the scenes this week on a version of the Flowers Duet from Lakmé by Delibes. I'm super excited about it, as it'll be one of the first truly operatic pieces I can have in my library, as well as it's about a beautiful garden full of flowers. I am super here for that imagery right about now! 

I hope you are all doing well, and keeping safe! 

Blessings of the wilds and the waters, 


A Not Change Change 

We had a bit of an upset in scheduling with my love's work a few weeks ago that was going to mean that my streaming schedule would be really wonky. However... turns out his schedule has reverted back to his normal one... I am happy to say the least!

What this means for me is that streaming will have a very regular schedule of 1pm-4:30 pm EST/EDT from Tuesday to Friday. I am definitely allowing myself not to stream when I need to (like this past Thursday with headaches, and other big things happening). For the most part, however, I plan to be there on all my stream days, because it's really pushing me to work on music very regularly, and get a lot done! 

Also! Singing streams! I think they may begin this week... perhaps on Friday! I've got a few more songs to get ready as backing tracks, and then I'll be singing through them! I cannot express how excited I am to have performance coming back into my life once more. I'm positively vibrating with joy at the prospect! So I'll definitely be practicing all week, that's for sure! lol. I basically know all the songs well enough already, so it shouldn't be terribly difficult, but maybe one or two I may leave out. We shall see! 

Anywho! I hope you are doing oh so well, keeping cozy, and safe! If you want to catch the stream, go here.

Now on Twitch 


I've decided to really give a good push at being way more out there this year as I want music to be my life's focus. So here we are, with a new (well, not actually that new) Twitch channel! 

You can find that here.

Tentatively, I'd like to stream Wednesdays-Fridays with other days peppered in as I choose. I'll be writing songs and creating instrumental tracks live (which is what this first stream was), as well as having painting streams, probably performance streams, and of course, some gaming! Many of the songs I love the most come from games... so here we are, lol. 

I'll be live again tomorrow, Friday, January 22, at 1pm EST, likely until about 4-4:30 as my partner will be running his D&D game at 5 lol. I think his voices would be great to hear, but maybe not in the background of me making music 😂 

I hope you've been having as good a January as possible. A little bit of stress has gone since the holidays are over, thankfully. And maybe a lot of stress has gone with the inauguration of a different president. 💜

New Release: Ther is No Rose of Swytch Vertu 

Yuletide blessings, loves. This song has long been a favourite Yuletide song of mine, it's such a sweet melody set to a 15th century carol. Katharine Blake of Mediaeval Baebes has such a way with writing for the female voice, so ethereal, and from the heart.

Available to download in the Music section 🌹


Featured on The Wigglian Way Podcast 

I'm so excited to say that some of my music is on the latest episode of The Wigglian Way Podcast

If you don't know yet, The Wigglian Way is hosted by Sparrow and Mojo, two Canadian wiccans in the Vancouver area. Once upon a time, I travelled to go to school in New Westminster, British Columbia (one of the satellite cities of Vancouver), to go study music. I also met and eventually joined the Wigglian coven for the years I lived there. They are part of my heart's family, and were definitely a huge reason it was so hard to move back to Ontario. 

I hope you'll give a listen to the Podcast, as they interview Rissy of Hem Netjer. She's actually bought some of my teas before, lol. I thought it was a very good synchronistic thing to happen! 

Happy listening!