Live concerts

Mia is now streaming on Twitch! You can find her currently from Wed-Fri at 12pm Eastern (subject to change though!). She sings as well as plays games, and paints watercolours. Come join her on her channel:

Mia Arsenault

Latest Track

Ther is No Rose of Swytch Vertu by Mediaeval Baebes has long been a favourite Yuletide song of mine, I had actually recorded my own version almost a decade ago, but wasn't happy with it. It's sooooo wonderful to be able to sing it and get it out in the world now.


Get an mp3 for free when you sign up for the "Seashell" tier of my subscriber area, or a wav file in the "Ocean Wave" tier 🌹


Many Yuletide blessings to you and your loves ❤️