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Weeping Dawn - video 


So happy to be completely filled with music, and such good music from Baldur's Gate 3. I'm on my second restart of the game, and I'm committed to this playthrough, lol. Astarion is still my vampire-boy dandy love interest, because I can't help myself. Lestat from Anne Rice's books was one of my first big-time fictional crushes (especially after he begins to realize that he needs to work on himself). 


I hope you're doing so very well and that you're enjoying this wonderful music with me!

Weeping Dawn 

Truly been on a roll this last few months. Baldur's Gate 3 is certainly an endless pit of inspiration, and it's always a good way to hone your skills by making covers. I never end up changing how a cover song sounds much because I tend to cover the songs I already love the genre of, and this is no exception!  

So when I first encountered Alfira's scene, it took me two seconds to realize that even though she's holding a lute, the main instrument in the instrumental of the song was actually harp. Lol. So I decided to match up what we see on screen and put that lute back in there! I think it sounds lovely either way, but I can't get enough lute!   


As a patron, you can download either an mp3 or wav file early! Take a peak at patronage.


Video and streaming release is happening on Friday, the 29th!

I Will Fly 


Yes, another Witcher song was written. In fact, I Will Fly, Bound by Destiny, and Running To were all written at the same time a few summers ago. This song is about Yen and her journey to figuring out exactly what she wants, and knowing that no one will stop her, she works beyond the bounds that the Brotherhood in Aretuza or mortal Kings try to place upon her. Ultimately, of course, it's love that she seeks. Something untainted and purely her own. 

Stay tuned as both I Will Fly and Bound by Destiny will be fully released soon! ✨✨

Bound by Destiny 

Something that has been in the works for a long time! Hoping to get this song out soon. In the meantime, this is based on Geralt tying himself to Ciri by fate, in probably one of the more foolish way one can after helping remove the curse from Ciri's father. To give me that which you don't already know you have.... Ahhh, how I love Geralt getting himself into the muck, hehe!

Dream a Little Dream of Me 

Jazz in the summer... could it be any more perfect? I've made it down to the beach once so far, but the water was still cool, only 16 degrees C. But I knew I should have brought my bathing suit, it would have been so wonderful to go right in and have the waters wash away the fog of this past few years. Even if only a little bit. 
In the meantime, listening to jazz, and waiting for the rains to stop so that I can go properly have a swim in the lake. Hope you are doing so well,

Life, Still a Lot, But Starting to Feel Better 

So much of dealing with depression/anxiety periods in my life has been eventually getting to a point where I just realize that I need to do what I can, no matter how heavy and apathetic/overwhelmed by doing the thing I feel. Life is going to happen no matter what. And this is in no way saying that for anyone, including myself, should be constantly working. The well always needs to be refilled, which means we must have periods of rest and trying to find things to really enjoy/experience in life to fill up again so that we can continue on with our great works. 

Death is still very much taking a large part of my energy, the grief before it happens, and the waiting period. A lot of mental bandwidth is just kind of dedicated to death right now, and that's just part of life. So I'm doing what I can in little bits as I can. 

Currently, I'm studying Hor Che Apollo by Barbara Strozzi, I believe written in the late 17th century. So it's in that transition period between the Renaissance styles and early Baroque. If you know Monteverdi, her father and her hung out with him, so there's a lot of stuff that feels familiar, but I adore how she really uses the female voice because she herself has a female voice. 

So whilst I really want to create a Yuletide album eventually, I'm just going to be really easy on myself this year, and make what moves me in the moment. To give myself space and freedom, and let myself just gently and joyfully walk along my musical trail.

Life Is A Lot 

Just wanted to check in and say I haven't forgotten about music, or this space. This has honestly been such a heavy year, and unfortunately, when things get rough, I pull in like a turtle. Right now, with what's going on with my grandparents, I'm also just very much tapped out on my mental bandwidth. Even when I find a moment, I am just so mentally exhausted and can't possibly think about creating anything. 

So here is me popping out for a moment to say that I hope my grandparents pass gently, and that this really heavy time can fertilize my family's future once rest and grief has had their time to heal things. 

Videos will be sporadic, and more major music stuff is just going to have to wait until there is finally space in my brain to actually create again. This is the cycle of life and death, and how it ebbs in and out of our lives. 

Love you all ❤️