Life Is A Lot

Just wanted to check in and say I haven't forgotten about music, or this space. This has honestly been such a heavy year, and unfortunately, when things get rough, I pull in like a turtle. Right now, with what's going on with my grandparents, I'm also just very much tapped out on my mental bandwidth. Even when I find a moment, I am just so mentally exhausted and can't possibly think about creating anything. 

So here is me popping out for a moment to say that I hope my grandparents pass gently, and that this really heavy time can fertilize my family's future once rest and grief has had their time to heal things. 

Videos will be sporadic, and more major music stuff is just going to have to wait until there is finally space in my brain to actually create again. This is the cycle of life and death, and how it ebbs in and out of our lives. 

Love you all ❤️

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