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Through the Trees - Original Snippet 


Is she calling out for her lover to join her, or is it a siren luring her prey?

Though I had to take time to recover from the plague, therefore I haven't been able to record vocals yet, I feel pretty normal in my whole singing system, so I'm hoping to get them recorded soon as I cannot wait to hear what it sounds like whole. 


I'm so very excited about this song. I have honestly been listening to the instrumental on repeat while I've been writing some Baldur's Gate fanfic, lol. It's been just persistently stuck in my head since the first few notes and lyrics came to me last month. 

Another cool development is that more songs have been popping into my head lately, and I'm so excited to write those out too! I know I've been working on some Barbara Strozzi songs in my voice lessons to eventually record, but right now, the muse is with me, and it seems like my own inner fantastical music needs to be brought into the world. 


Again... terribly excited for everything happening musically right now!
I hope you've got something equally as fulfilling and exciting on the go too!



I Will Fly 


Yes, another Witcher song was written. In fact, I Will Fly, Bound by Destiny, and Running To were all written at the same time a few summers ago. This song is about Yen and her journey to figuring out exactly what she wants, and knowing that no one will stop her, she works beyond the bounds that the Brotherhood in Aretuza or mortal Kings try to place upon her. Ultimately, of course, it's love that she seeks. Something untainted and purely her own. 

Stay tuned as both I Will Fly and Bound by Destiny will be fully released soon! ✨✨

Bound by Destiny 

Something that has been in the works for a long time! Hoping to get this song out soon. In the meantime, this is based on Geralt tying himself to Ciri by fate, in probably one of the more foolish way one can after helping remove the curse from Ciri's father. To give me that which you don't already know you have.... Ahhh, how I love Geralt getting himself into the muck, hehe!

Old King Cole - a WIP short 

Something I've been mulling over in my head since that very first episode of Neverafter from Dimension 20... I could do with a little more fairy tale in my life, and Old King Cole, or Nat King Cole as they referred to him, is a good place to start! 

I'm hoping to squeeze this song in to be made in between the other musical projects I'm working on this year. I have a great idea for it already, we're gonna get into jig territory, for absolutely sure! 

Um.... fairy tale album in my future??? Likely... after the gazillion other ideas I have 😅😅